Websourcebrowser makes it easy to visually scan trees of source code. In particular, you can view the directory tree and the source code of a file side by side, so you can quickly change to a different file. Get release 0.4 (alpha).


  • Platform-independent, any JavaScript-enabled web browser can be used to view the source code
  • Includes a small webserver, so the source code and the browser to view it can be on different computers
  • By default, they are on the same computer :-)
  • If Pygments is installed on the server side, which may be the local computer, source code is highlighted automatically
  • Image files supported by the browser are displayed
  • Archives (tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, zip) are displayed as a list of the contained directories and files
  • Written in portable Python
  • Open Source (MIT license)

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Websourcebrowser is a project by Stefan Schwarzer. I'm looking forward to your feedback, on the page Ideas, or via e-mail.

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