Ideas for Websourcebrowser

If you have ideas on Websourcebrowser enhancements and want to share them, please do so on this page. To prevent wiki spam, you have to log in with user name wsbuser and password wsb. Look at the page WikiFormatting for help on the text layout. It's simple.

Feel free to invent more headings than the ones below if that seems reasonable.


  • Write tutorial

Web browser interface

  • Allow for collapsing/expanding of directories ("explorer-like")
    • probably requires JavaScript to be fast enough
    • possibly clever caching will also work
  • Add more specialized converters; examples:
    • For archive files (tar, tar.gz, zip, ...), show a listing of the contents. Don't try to browse the contained directories and files. At least at this point, I don't want to write another file manager. ;-)
    • For some file types (e. g. ps, pdf) allow to start appropriate viewers.
    • For .so files, list the contents.
  • If no file type for syntax highlighting is recognized, convert the file name to lowercase and retry.

Bigger enhancements:

Public internet server extensions

  • Make server multithreaded
  • Improve caching
  • Limit accessors to certain IPs or ranges. The current default is to accept any source IP. The default should be to accept only requests from the local host. (The version in the SourceRepository has the local host as default and a command line option to specify IPs though no ranges.)
  • Look through code for possible XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Prevent/limit DOS attacks
    • Limit number of directories/files to prevent scanning the whole disk - or cache directory structure. Beware of changes while the Websourcebrowser server runs, so that changed directories and files are taken into account.
    • Limit size of displayed files. Large files can take a long time to render, especially if they are displayed as hexdumps.
  • Audit for security issues. Who would like to work on this? Send me an email.


  • Add/improve doctest files
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