Websourcebrowser installation


Websourcebrowser requires only Python, version 2.5 or later. It's recommended though not strictly necessary to also install Pygments to get syntax highlighting.

Using Websourcebrowser without installation

Though it's recommended, you don't have to install Websourcebrowser. Instead you can get away with extracting the source archive (see below) and adding the extracted directory to the PYTHONPATH environment variable. For example, if the directory is /home/me/downloads/websourcebrowser-0.1, add that to PYTHONPATH. Then change to the directory and start with the wanted arguments:

$ python [options]


You install Websourcebrowser like most Python packages.

  • If you have an older version of Websourcebrowser installed, delete it or move it somewhere else, so that it doesn't conflict with the new version!
  • Extract the downloaded archive. Under Unix/Linux?, you usually do this from the shell prompt:
    $ tar xzf websourcebrowser-0.1.tar.gz
  • Change to the directory:
    $ cd websourcebrowser-0.1
  • Become root:
    $ su -
    The shell prompt changes to #.
  • To install Websourcebrowser system-wide, type:
    # python install
    Otherwise, consult the distutils documentation on how to install Python packages into another directory.
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