Here are some screenshots of the upcoming Websourcebrowser 0.4.

A typical view in Websourcebrowser. A possibly nested directory is displayed on the left, the file that was just clicked on the right. (The syntax highlighting requires Pygments.) In the screenshot, Python bytecode files are suppressed with the command line option --ignore="*.pyc". Line numbers can be switched on with the command line option --line-numbers.

Syntax highlighting works for every file type supported by Pygments. Here's a JavaScript file. Its full path relative to the project root can be seen in the top pane.

This is the command to take a look at the source of the PyPy project. The program output contains the URL to access the source in the web browser. If you installed Websourcebrowser as documented in the README.txt file, use wsbrowser instead of python

By clicking on all, you see that the directory structure is eight levels deep. The scrollbar gives an idea of the number of directories and files.

For a quick overview of the main components, displaying just two levels is probably better. Just use the -/+ links or enter a number in the text field at the top and press return. A quick way is to use the 1 link followed by the + link.

You can still look at any individual item by clicking on the [-] link in front of a directory. If you move the mouse pointer over a directory or file, it's full path relative to the project root is shown.

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